Hello there,
My name is Cheryl and I'm so glad you've made it here.
I'm currently a student at the University of Washington studying Informatics (HCI) along with English. I believe that mixing humanities with tech is important to create innovation and promote pleasure for users. Hopefully, my experiences with writing and illustration will contribute to this value.
I struggle between a variety of aesthetics. I'm drawn to funkiness yet appreciate minimalism. This portfolio is a combination of both. Enjoy the quirky drawings while learning about my thought process in an intuitive way. The best description of my portfolio right now is "teenaged modern vampire". I love red and black, but oh I also love bright colors! It's so hard to compromise. You would laugh at how messy my Pinterest boards are.
What's my style of writing? Well, isn't it obvious? Sorry, that's pretty cringe. 
I value two things: conciseness and intentionality. Every sentence and (maybe) every word has a purpose. Without a purpose, it's just fluff. (My mortal enemy. 😡) I can go on and on about this, but that's my never-ending goal. To be as concise and purposeful as possible. On a more casual note, I love adding personality into my writing. Writing with a humanly persona is a lot more fun and engaging to readers.
Please look around my site and have a great time! I spent a lot of time and hopefully you like the little doodles I've placed all around.
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